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Helping Clients Burned From Explosions, Fire or Electrocution

Car explosions, fires and other accidents often lead to severe burn injuries that require years of treatment and surgeries. When you are facing extensive medical bills from scarring and nerve damage, our Texas attorneys can help you seek compensation from the parties who caused your injuries.

The attorneys in our firm have over a decade of experience skillfully resolving personal injury accident claims. We have recovered millions in compensation for victims in need. To schedule your free consultation with one of our dedicated attorneys, call us  or contact us online.

You Need a Lawyer With Experience Handling Burn Injury Claims
Burn injuries are some of the most painful injuries anyone will ever endure, and they almost always result in permanent injuries, including scarring, nerve damage and lung concerns. The implications of such injuries range from ongoing treatment and frequent skin grafts to limited enjoyment of life’s activities. To ensure you obtain a financial recovery that compensates you for your current and future losses, you need a skilled attorney who has experience handling burn injury claims.

Our lawyers know how to complete cases like yours. We understand when to bring in experts to help build your case, and what type of experts to call upon, such as plastic surgeons, burn trauma units, neurologists and other doctors trained in nerve damage. We know how insurance companies approach burn injury claims, which means we know how to craft a settlement agreement in the best light. If negotiations with the adjusters do not meet our requirements, we will seek to resolve any insurance disputes in court.

It Is Important To Focus on Receiving the Proper Medical Care
We know that proper medical care is expensive. However, if you are suffering from severe burn injuries, it is highly important that you obtain the medical treatment you need. We will seek maximum compensation for your injuries and your losses, including seeking top dollar for past medical bills and ongoing medical care. Let us worry about your legal and financial concerns so you can focus on more important things, such as your health and your future.

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