Fractures/Bone Injuries -Texas Lawyers

If you or a loved one have suffered a bone injury or bone fracture as the result of an accident or another party’s negligence, our lawyer can help you. Fracture means broken. Whether you have a complete or partial fracture, you have a broken bone. Orthopedic injuries to your skeletal system oftentimes results in a permanent injury, loss of range of motion, and the possibility of future surgical procedures.

We have assisted many people who have been seriously injured recover substantial monetary compensation for their accidents. Many bone fractures and bone injuries are caused by accidents and the negligence of others. Auto accidents, falls, dimly lit buildings, slippery surfaces or stairs, work place and construction sites and intentional physical abuse are all experiences that may result in fractures and other bone injuries.

If you have suffered a bone injury or bone fracture injury due to an accident or negligence, please contact today for a free legal consultation.

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