Accidents Involving Children

Determined Advocates Seeking Compensation for Injured Children
When your child falls down or gets hurt while playing with friends, you do everything in your power to make things better quickly. But what can you do when your child is involved in a more severe accident? What steps can you take when you are facing large medical bills and long-term recovery for your child?

Our lawyers are skilled personal injury litigators who know how to handle the special aspects that arise in claims for accidents involving children. With over a decade of experience, attorneys have the knowledge and skill required to aggressively advocate on your child’s behalf.

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Special Considerations for Accidents Involving Children Due to Negligence
Personal injury accident claims involving children are handled differently than when an adult is injured. The biggest difference is that certain laws do not apply to children. For instance, contributory negligence laws state that children under the age of seven do not have the ability to meet the standard of contributory negligence, while children between the ages of seven and 14 can potentially be held liable for their actions that contributed to the accident.

We understand which laws apply to which situations and will work to fully prepare a case to support your child’s claims based on those laws.

Skillfully Preparing Your Child’s Claim for Settlement and Trial
Our attorneys prepare every case for trial. This focused preparation allows us to be ready for any potential resolution of your child’s personal injury claim, ranging from negotiations and settlement to trial. We will compile all medical records, speak to any witnesses, and use experts such as pediatric physicians to obtain an opinion on how or if this injury will affect your child in the future. We will then bring this information to your insurance company to seek maximum compensation for your child.

Often, insurance companies will seek settlement of accident claims involving children. However, settlement of these cases always requires approval of a judge. Before signing a release of the settlement, a judge must conduct a pro AMI hearing where the court inquires into the facts of the case, the extent of the injuries, and the proposed settlement. The judge will then only approve the settlement if he or she believes it is in the best interests of your child.

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