Personal Injury Lawyer – Workplace Accident Attorneys

Personal Injury Lawyer – Workplace Accident Attorneys

Being injured due to a workplace accident can turn into a nightmare. Protection of your legal rights is a very important matter that must be diligently pursued. Under law, you are afforded certain important recourses to benefits should you become injured on the job. workplace accident attorneys - construction accident lawyers - personal injury attorneys
Unlike in personal injury lawsuits, workers’ comp claims are decided on a “no-fault” basis. This means that fault will not have to be proven in most cases to obtain benefits if you are injured at work, whether your injuries or illness resulted from a single or repeated incident or emerged from continuous exposure. It also means that you will not be able to file a lawsuit against your employer in most circumstances. For further information about your rights as an injured worked, knowledgeable guidance is available from a personal injury lawyer. More information from our construction accident attorneys here

The Labor Code contains guidelines for workers’ compensation benefits. If you can prove that your injury or disability is work-related, then your employer’s insurance company (or in some cases, your employer directly, if they are legally self-insured) will cover your medical bills and lost income at no cost to you.

Personal Injury Attorney

Obtaining benefits and ensuring that your rights are protected to the fullest after sustaining a work injury can be complicated, frustrating and difficult to accomplish fully without the help of a skilled legal team. Our attorneys have a combined 40 years of legal experience and success in a wide range of personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. Procuring the services of our firm can help you rest easier and allow pressure to be taken off of you and your family as we aggressively fight for what you deserve.

Protecting your rights can be enhanced by making a simple phone call. Contact a Personal Injury Attorney today for trusted legal help.

Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits – Texas Attorneys

Was Your Family Member Killed While on the Job?

Workplace accidents occur all the time due to negligence or carelessness. Unfortunately, these accidents sometimes lead to death. If your loved one died while at work, you should know that you have an avenue of recovery that allows you to move forward financially.

Our Texas workers’ compensation attorneys will seek death benefits for you so you can focus on grieving for your loved one. We will treat you with the respect and compassion you need at this time. When you are ready to discuss your loss and your needs.

Determined Advocates Seeking Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits for You

If a family member or loved one is killed on the job, you are entitled to death benefits under the workers’ compensation laws. These death benefits exist to provide monetary benefits to you, the surviving spouse or child of the deceased. In terms of actual amount and length of payments, these workers’ compensation death benefits differ from a typical workers’ compensation injury claim.

It is important to understand that these death benefits are not putting a price on your loved one’s life, but are instead meant to help financially support you while you adjust to your loss. To learn more, contact our firm.

Pursuing All Avenues of Financial Recovery To Help You Provide for Your Family

When someone you loves dies while on the job, there are several options of recovery that may be available to you. We will not only pursue a workers’ compensation death benefit claim, but will also investigate whether anyone else contributed to the tragedy. If a third party was involved, we can bring a separate wrongful death claim on your behalf. However, we will take no action until you agree to it. We promise to provide you with all of your options while leaving you to decide how you would like to proceed.

Providing You With Dedicated Legal Counsel in Your Time of Sorrow

We can only imagine how difficult this time must be for you. We can help alleviate part of your stress by holding the liable parties accountable for the loss they caused. Reach out to our firm today via e-mail or phone to discuss your situation in a free, confidential consultation.

Texas Insurance Disputes Attorneys

Texas Attorneys Handling Insurance Disputes

As personal injury attorneys, we know how to deal with insurance companies. If you have a valid claim that an insurance company will not pay, the attorneys of Hill can help.

We handle insurance claims involving auto accidents, dog bites, slip and fall accidents, premises liability claims and other personal injury matters. We can help if you are having a dispute regarding these and other forms of insurance:

  • Auto insurance (car, truck, motorcycle)
  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • General liability insurance

We also handle claims involving uninsured and underinsured motorists. To speak with an attorney at our firm about an insurance dispute.

Serving All of Texas

Our office is conveniently located in Texas. We are pleased to serve clients throughout Texas. If you or a family member has sustained an injury and an insurance company will not pay your claim, our lawyers can help.

Insurance Bad Faith Claims – No Fees Unless You Recover
If an insurance company has unreasonably denied or delayed payment of your claim, you may have a basis to recover compensation through an insurance bad faith claim. Contact an attorney at our firm to learn more about your legal rights and options.

Just like our personal injury and workers’ compensation practice, we charge no fees for insurance disputes unless you recover for your injuries.

Texas Truck Company Negligence Lawyers

Holding Truck Companies Liable in Trucking Accidents in Texas

If you were hurt in a truck accident that was caused by another individual, you likely know that you can pursue compensation against that individual for the injuries you sustained. What you may not be aware of, however, is that you may also be able to pursue a negligence claim against the truck company. Truck companies are aware of this and will waste no time in protecting themselves.

If you were involved in an accident with a truck or other commercial vehicle, the owner of that company will spare no expense in completing a full investigation. To ensure your interests are protected, contact an experienced personal injury attorney at our firm, get started on your own investigation today. Your first call to us is free.

Over 20 Years of Experience Representing Individuals in Personal Injury Cases

Our lawyers have over two decades of combined legal experience, during which they have focused on representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases. Our attorneys understand what it takes to fully investigate an auto or truck accident. They are meticulous in preparing for trial and always work to obtain the maximum compensation you deserve.

Truck Company Employers Are Liable for the Actions of Their Employees

A truck company employer has to use due care in hiring, training and supervising their drivers. If one of their drivers is negligent or reckless, then the employer or trucking company will also be held liable for that negligence. When an independent contractor of a trucking company is involved, we still may be able to hold the company liable if the contractor was engaged in some act that was so potentially dangerous that the employer should not be free from punishment.

Our firm will represent you in your claim against the truck driver as well as against the truck company. Truck driving companies will often pursue settlement to avoid a long court battle. If the settlement offer is not in your interests, we will advocate aggressively for you in litigation.