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Are You Disabled from Work and Having Trouble with Insurance?

You may never have thought about the federal law known as ERISA — which stands for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act — until you experienced the potentially devastating problem of having your disability benefits unfairly denied by your long-term disability insurer.

A limited number of Texas lawyers will take on the challenge of appealing an unfair long-term disability (LTD) claim denial. Our firm does, with a high rate of success. If your doctor believes you are legitimately disabled and unable to work, please contact our law firm today to talk through legal options.

Troubling ERISA realities include:

  • Profit-driven private insurers often fail to honor LTD insurance policies you may count on for 60 – 80 percent of your earnings if you become disabled by injury or illness.
  • A very high percentage of claimants have their valid LTD claims denied, causing tremendous financial and emotional stress.
  • Plan administrators at large insurance companies employ aggressive strategies to avoid paying your claim, and the appeal process is lengthy and complex.

Real Help Navigating a Complex Process for Getting Benefits You Deserve

Problems with ERISA are widely recognized in the legal community. This does not just mean insurers are slow to pay, but that they may do everything they can to avoid paying at all. Essentially, this federal law does not effectively protect you against unfair denials of the benefits you count on, even though you or your employer may have paid substantial premiums for decades. States do not have power to step in.

We carefully evaluate denied disability claims, and we file the lawsuits necessary to achieve favorable resolution, focusing on:

  • Ensuring you have satisfied all pre-lawsuit requirements of your insurer
  • Building an “administrative record” packed with medical evidence of the legitimacy and severity of your disability, in order to meet a high burden of proof
  • Providing a caring and knowledgeable resource for protection of your rights through every phase of your ordeal

Contact a Proven ERISA/LTD Claims Lawyer in Texas Now

Our work in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases has equipped us well to help you if your LTD claim has been unfairly rejected and denied. However, fast action can be very important. If you have received a letter denying your claim, act now to put a proven ERISA attorney to work on your case.

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