Make a Big Difference in Your Personal Injury Case’s Success

Experienced Plaintiff Injury Lawyers Make a Big Difference in Your Personal Injury Case’s Success

It is a common misconception within the general public that Texas Civil Law will promise them equal, and automatic, financial recovery for their injuries. But what we actually have is the right to equal financial recovery through the courts. If we want that compensation for our damages, we must secure it for ourselves. It’s not given to us automatically.

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Personal Injury

Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Codes state only that victims in the case of an accident, or immediate surviving family members in the event of wrongful death, have the legal standing to seek out compensation. But they must follow specific legal guidelines. The first rule is that the burden of proving damages that a defendant owes us is on us, the victims. In order to be fairly compensated, we must convince the jury that the defendant’s negligence is indeed either the sole proximate cause for the accident or that the defendant was one of several who together, created the environment in which the accident occurred and created the injuries that we sustained from it. And we do that by sequentially proving that the three ingredients of success outlined earlier in this article. Personal injury cases can become extremely litigious. It takes a special kind of attorney to be successful in this type of law. And a host of less-than-knowledgeable people is more than happy to give you “free legal advice” (which is often not even worth what you pay for it).

You also might have a relative or friend who is a lawyer and offers to protect your best interests and represent you in a personal injury claim or lawsuit; maybe for free or a much smaller percentage of the damage award. This might be a compelling option for you. But remember the gentleman we told you about who was so concerned about how much his attorney would make that he lost sight of what it actually takes to win a personal injury case and ended up with nothing.

If you’re seriously considering taking that friend or relation up on what seems to be a great offer, you might want to reconsider retaining anyone who might have a difficult time emotionally disassociating him or herself from your case. Personal injury law can sometimes get pretty nasty. And your legal counsel must be pragmatic, focus solely on the facts of a case and always remain cool under fire in order to succeed in winning your case for you.

What happens if that friend or relative attorney doesn’t win the case, or accepts a less-than-fair settlement and leaves even more on the table due to inexperience, or thinking more with their heart than their head, or being acutely aware that you’re getting desperate because you really need that settlement!? How will you feel about your friend or relative then? And how long will those feelings last? Think about it for a minute. How good an idea is it for family members or friends to be involved in your legal business anyway? Isn’t it better to let them provide support during your fight, rather than be directly involved in it?

Put our years of experience to work for you if you want to know what your rights are, how to proceed with your claim and how much compensation you can win from your personal injury case. Regardless of how it happened, we’ll answer all of your questions. Call our Law Firm now at 1(800) 862-1260 (toll-free) for a free consultation and find out how we can help you.

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