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Clearly Identifying Those Responsible for Surgical Malpractice in Texas

Surgical malpractice defendants aren’t always the surgeon or anesthesiologist. Intensive Care medical professionals can sometimes be the culprit; either alone or in conjunction with the surgeon as he or she is in charge of your post-surgical care. Many times, the failure to correctly diagnose the medical condition that led to your surgery can be the cause of your injuries. It’s even possible that other medical professionals, like a technician or a pharmacist, may have negligently contributed to the malpractice. Maybe improper drugs were used in the surgery, or drugs that were defective, in which case the blame for the surgical malpractice may be laid at the feet of the drug manufacturer through a defective product lawsuit. The same thing might apply to a piece of equipment that was used in your procedure. If it was not maintained properly you have the right to sue the hospital.personal injury due to medical negligence

The bottom line is that any, or all, of these healthcare professionals or product manufacturers can be responsible, and could be held accountable for their negligence in civil court. It makes no difference if their involvement was overt or passive.

Rare is the instance where offending medical defendants are not covered by various insurance policies. Though this is good news because you know the money is there to compensate you, it’s certain that a medical malpractice lawsuit that is filed against any (or multiple) liable parties will draw aggressive opposition from every insurance corporation involved in the case. It’s every malpractice insurance company’s job to aggressively challenge all such cases in Texas.

Another reason malpractice lawsuits are often the most challenging forms of personal injury or wrongful death cases to argue is that the medical profession is, by its very nature, highly technical and very sophisticated. Another reason these cases can be so convoluted is that a number of liable parties responsible for the injury can cloud the issue of actual culpability for your injuries. Someone has to investigate this complicated matter and come up with the right defendants if your malpractice case has any reasonable chance for success. And because there can be so many potential defendants, a lot of finger-pointing goes on between multiple defendants. So laying the proper blame is a very difficult order for your legal investigative team. These are only a few of the many reasons why injured victims have no better than a minuscule chance of winning a Texas medical malpractice claim without the legal help of an experienced Texas surgical malpractice lawyer.

A skilled attorney knows how to locate and retain the right surgical and post-surgical care experts to thoroughly review your treatment records, determine whether your malpractice lawsuit is justified, and then back up your claims in court. These forensic experts can also help determine the degree of responsibility from all of the parties that were involved in your inferior surgical care. Our experienced medical malpractice attorneys have the means and the skill to apply that thorough investigation of your case through this considerable evidence into an effective and winning strategy that gives you the best chance to be fairly compensated for your damages which can include your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and disability the inferior surgery causes.

With over 30 years of experience in personal injury and wrongful death law, including medical malpractice, our Law Firm can help you identify all responsible parties in your malpractice suit, and assist you in seeking fair compensation from them for their negligent behavior that made your injuries even more painful. We can also work to make certain they will not repeat their careless actions, and harm some other unsuspecting patient.
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